Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mariam week 2

I was hoping to do bi-weekly postpartum updates for awhile but I've had no motivation to photograph myself these days so I'll do them every 3 weeks or so. I'm sooooo tired and shying away from showing my pale face with huge circles from lack of sleep.
I desperatly need some zzzzzzzzz's!!
 I am however pleased with how fast my body is bouncing back and a large part of it is due to belly binding. I'll have more about it and pictures of my progress on Monday!
Onto my littlest squiss. I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks that she's been with us. I swear it just goes by so fast. TOO FAST.
7lbs 8 oz. Last week she weighed 6 lbs 14 oz so I'm really happy with this.
All good! Her skin looks like it's shedding but the doctor says it's normal and her umbilical cord fell off last week.
Ho boy. Where do I begin. Mariam started off the first week sleeping pretty good at night. For the past few days she has her days and nights mixed up. It's been awful. Last night she was up from 11pm to 3am. H and I both woke up at 6 am so we only got 3 hrs of sleep. I was beyond frustrated last night and shed a few tears in the process. I just need some sleep and napping during the day isn't an option. Tonight I plan on getting some batteries for our lamb swing and seeing if that helps. I'm also not going to let her sleep more than 2 hr increments starting today and see if that helps. She spends most of the day sleeping.
All newborn and even some of those are a little big. She's such a little peanut. I feel bad getting onsies over her head. I wish there were more cute snap on ones so I wouldn't have to bother her too much.
A sleeping baby isn't very sociable so not much to report here. She will stay up for a little while just quiet but not too much. She is starting to focus a little better on our faces.
Milk, milk, and more milk. This girl loves to eat and breastfeeding is going well--other than feeling like she's constantly attached to me which isn't as easy as you think when you also have a toddler to tend too.
There's a lot of crying especially at night. I think she gets gassy and I need to get some gas drops to see if it helps. I made the mistake of feeding her one night everytime she would cry and root around and she ended up projectile vomiting. She has taken to a pacifier, but it doesn't always help.
Nothing yet to report, but they will come. No rush. Except for her sleeping through the night. That one cannot come soon enough.
I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow and don't forget to head over to Schue Love to enter the giveaway to win an FHJ Baby bib!


  1. Wow. Congrat.. Amazing baby. Have a great day.

  2. She's beautiful! I hope the sleeping gets better, that is so hard on a mama.

    And Belly Binding. ??? What is this!? Interested!

    Distinctly M

    1. My version of putting my belly back in it's place lol.

      Thank you. I hope it gets better too. So far she's been up a good portion of the day which is a good thing but she's spent most of it crying..which isn't s good thing.

  3. She is precious!! Need more baby posts! ;)

  4. I feel you on the postpartum updates. I felt so yucky the first 2 months so I only took a couple postpartum pictures. Plus I'm not loosing a lot of the weight, so it's a little discouraging to post the photos!

  5. She is just oh so precious! I love her name too! Sorry it's taken so long for me to get over here. Congrats momma!