Monday, December 3, 2012

Mariam Month 1

It's ridiculous how fast the time flies. I mean really! How has it been a month since I gave birth to Mariam? It feels like just yesterday I was lugging her around in my belly and feeling her little kicks in my belly. I miss those days.
Headband c/o Morgan at The Smores. Party of four blog

Isn't her top cute? What you didn't hear? Cutting off the sleeves on your babies onsies are all the rage now. I'm kidding. I didn't even notice till after I took the pictures and I wasn't about to change her because waking a sleeping baby after they spent a good portion of the morning fussing is just crazy talk. Little miss Serena cut the sleeves off because she decided she'd take it upon herself to help herself to some of Layla's old clothes and refashion them to put them on her build-a-bear. Kids!
I couldn't tell you at this point, but she's putting it on because she feels heavier and she's gaining length too because her newborn onsies are almost not fitting her in length.
So far so good! Her dry peeling skin has gone away and her belly button has healed up nicely.
Let's see...pale face, bags under eyes, dragging throughout the day. Yep! I'm still sleep deprived so not much has changed on the sleeping front. On a good night she wakes up twice, on a bad night it's 4 times. She sleeps either in the swing (not on), or on our bed. I don't like bringing her in the bed because I don't sleep good and wake up with a kink in my neck, but I tend to bring her in if she just won't go back down and I need to nurse her back to sleep.
Still in all newborn and yay for getting to use the clothes Layla used to wear.
Milk. I have recently cut dairy out of my diet which is a little hard because I loooove dairy. Love drinking milk by itself...but more. I'm pretty sure it was upsetting her but I'm not 100% sure. I just know that it's one of the main culprits that causes breastfed babies to get painful gas. I've been thinking of trying it again and seeing just to confirm because I'm just not sure that's it since she still gets gassy and colicky. She has had espisodes where she likes to clusterfeed already and it's always fun when she wants to be fed right when dinner is ready..::cough...not...cough::...
Mastered! If she was competing in a crying contest amongst newborn babies, she'd win the grand prize. Ok I'm exagerating. She's just more of a crier than my other girls were. It's not constant and mostly when she gets gas.
Not a whole lot going on at one month, but she is starting to focus better and following my face.


  1. awe the headband looks so good on her! yay! what a cutie pie! and i lol'd about her onesie haha love it! btw i think i will have to be cutting out dairy soon too :/ reflux is in full force right now, just waiting for meds to kick in...but wanted to let you know that it takes abt 2 wks for dairy to completely leave your system once youve cut it out.

    1. Thanks Morgan. I did hear about the dairy being in your system for awhile recently. This is all new to me because my other two never had these sensitivities. I got my confirmation about dairy last night. I wasn't even thinking about it last night when I had baked ziti which had ricotta and mozzarella cheese. We paid for it dearly last night. She cried off and on from 9pm to 2am. It was awful. I'll have to be careful from now on.

      Sorry about the reflux. I'm sure that's tough too.

  2. I can't get over how lovely all the little girl boys they have out today are!! Little Matthew can't wear a bow of course, but some times I want to buy them just to get ready for a girl one day :)!! She is just so precious!! Hope everything is well :)