Friday, June 27, 2014

I love a good reason to shop.

After complaining the day before yesterday that I was tired of being cooped up in the house with 3 screeching girls due to rain, heat and mosquitos, H suggested maybe I should take them to the mall to play. Of course he didn't mean to buy things, but who goes to the mall just to go? Of course I have to buy things! I figured now was a great time to get most of our beach essentials and by beach essentials I mean cute bathing suits and accessories.
One of the first stores we went to was Forever21. Even though I loathe going through racks of unorganized clothes, the swimsuits are kept in one section that you can't miss. They really didn't have a huge selection, but I did find a really cute mint bikini. I was originally looking for a one piece because after a few months of an insatiable sweet and carb tooth, I currently have this little mom pooch that I need to work off--but uh...that's not happening in two weeks before our trip. What I love about the bikini is that it has some cutouts which is exactly what I wanted--if I was going to be getting a two piece.
I also found this adorable top that is long and sheer enough to wear as a coverup.
I also picked up a few things we'll be needing for the condo. Ocean breeze candle for nights out on the patio, linen room spray because let's face it, I'm sure the condo might be stuffy if it hasn't been used in awhile. A few toiletries, sun hats for the girls from Old Navy, and a ridiculously adorable petal bathing suit from Gymboree outlet. Serena also got a few tops, and some accessories.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that mint suit. I need a top with way more coverage these days. My normal bikini isn't cutting it! Love the last suit and the sunhats, too. So cute!

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