Monday, July 21, 2014

Cape San Blas, Florida: Where we stayed

We're back! Though I don't want to be. We had such a good time there I didn't want to leave. We stayed for a week so I have a lot to cover but I thought I'd just start where everything starts--at the beginning.
I mentioned before that we rented a condo overlooking the beach. It was fully stocked with everything you could think of. We brought tons of stuff that we didn't actually need because the condo already had it. Everything from band aids to batteries, to books and movies. Every kitchen appliance and utensil you might need. It really was our home away from home. It was also clean with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We brought some food in our cooler and ended up buying what we needed from the local trading post which was down the street and one trip to Piggly Wiggly which was about 18 minutes away. We didn't try any of the restaurants there but did order pizza on our last night there.
Before we got there I was a little put off at the thought of having to still cook and clean it being a vacation and all, but with three rambunctious kids this was definitely the way to go. We ate dinner almost every night on the patio while listening to jazz music and having some wine. We grilled, we roasted marshmallows. It was so peaceful. There's nothing like enjoying a meal with the wind blowing while looking out at the ocean.

I'm breaking this trip recap into several posts so stay tuned for the next post dedicated to the beach with lot's of pictures to share.
Have a great Monday!

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