Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The beach is that way, the world is round

If you're wondering where that title came from, it's a saying my cousin Lori taught me when I used to visit her in Chicago when I was younger. I'm really not sure where she got it from. I suppose she told me one time but I don't remember.
Anyways, back to recapping our trip. Let's talk about the biggest attraction which was the beach of course. The weather was great for 7 days we were there except for one day where it rained for a little bit. The water was also at a comfortable temperature. I loved the beach and how secluded it was. It still got a little busy at times but nothing like the overly touristy areas. I have to admit that I was a little worried about sharks. There hasn't been an attack since 2004 I believe in Cape San Blas but the boy was fishing and had shrimp in his pocket which was not a good idea. Thankfully we didn't see any sharks or any other scary sea creatures, though Serena saw a few Jellyfish.
I took soooo many photos, but I don't want to do a picture overload so I'll just stop here. Tomorrow I'll have a post with more pictures about the experience at the bay and conclude on Friday with tips on baby gear for the beach, What to bring to the beach and thoughts on beach body, hair and skin image. Have a great Wednesday!

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