Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our weekend

Wow. How is it Tuesday already? How are we past the mid year point anyways? Jeez each year just goes by faster and faster. It must be the kids...and aging. I thought I read somewhere that the more kids you have the faster time goes, or something like that. Not sure if it rings true for everyone.

So yes, here we are on Tuesday--it's about to be Wednesday because I'm blogging at 11:20 pm and it's way past my bedtime but where else am I going to find the time to do it? 

Our July 4th was pretty low key. I took the kids to Bayou Bend collections and H went to his brother's house to watch the soccer game. Surprisingly the kids behaved for the most part, but it was sooo hot that we weren't out there that long. Not to mention there really wasn't that many children's activities like I thought there was going to be. So we were there only about an hour and a half and then we made a Target run and back to home to meet H up and go out to eat. Afterwards we bought a few fireworks and just popped them at home once the rain died down. Sunday and Monday were spent mainly getting orders under control with my seamstress and today we took the kids to pick blackberries.

Afterwards we went to my dad's to watch Brazil against Germany. Did any of you catch the game? It was nuts! I mean 7-1! What a shame. I'm still replaying it in my head and it's hard not to feel second hand embarrassment for Brazil as they got completely crushed in the game. While watching it I couldn't help but wonder how they even made it that far. I know after the second goal so early in the game they knew they were defeated. the way they played showed it. I still don't understand how they kept making the same mistakes over and over and over. Things picked up for them a little bit in the second half and thank goodness for that one goal. #11 let them leave the game with at least a sliver of honor.

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