Thursday, October 9, 2014

The happenings

Cue happy dance, my mom is flying in today from South Africa. I'm super excited about having her here for the next 3 weeks. Also excited about having her here because she can watch the girls for a little so I can breathe! It's no secret that Mariam is super clingy and I'm terrible about getting out. H and I haven't had a date night in awhile. 

As the week winds down, work wise things should be getting calmer again. I have a new seamstress again that I'm working with, I've got the huge orders out (well most of them) and now I just have to focus on finishing up updating the website with the new products. Here's a couple pictures from the photo shoot and a few sneak peeks!

Family wise, the girls are anxiously awaiting Halloween. Layla wants to be a dragon. She lets us know every day. No correct that, she lets us know just about every hour. Time to buy that costume already. Serena already has her costume since she went to a little Halloween bash last weekend. I haven't figured out what Mariam is going to be yet.

Have a great Thursday!

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