Saturday, October 4, 2014

A weekend getaway?

It's been about a week since I've blogged again. As I mentioned before, things have been crazy busy with the recent Groop dealz sales and getting everything done for my latest collection. I just got back from the photo shoot for it so I think I can start breathing a little easier now. Everything went smoothly and the weather was perfect!

More on that later, let's talk about why I put a question mark after weekend getaway. So the alone trip H and I had planned for just us two didn't pan out because we couldn't get a sitter or family to watch the girls. So we thought to ourselves "hey let's just head to San Antonio with the girls.". Hmmm..not such a great idea when you're taking a sick baby along. Mariam was super congested, it rained most of Saturday when we got there, and she pretty much just wanted to be carried by yours truly. She refused to be in her stroller. It was nice doing a little bit of strolling when my arm didn't feel like it was going to fall off, and lunch was nice along the river walk, but night time was rough. The next day we checked out the drive-thru wildlife ranch and that was a lot of fun! Afterwards we had lunch at The Buttermilk Cafe in New Braunfels which was a charming establishment of good home cooked classics such as meatloaf and fried green tomatoes. While the food was good, our little rascals were not. We paid the check quickly and high tailed it out of there. We had plans to check out more of the town, but I thought it was just best if we just went home. I'm hoping H and I can get that alone trip in after all in a couple weeks when my mom comes down to visit, but we'll see. Things are often unpredictable with children.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I totally understand that feeling! Kids can be a mess sometimes. lol. We brought a stroller to the Riverwalk last time. Never again.