Thursday, December 10, 2015

A holiday date with my love

My husband and I aren't great about scheduling date nights. With four children there is a lot of hustle and bustle, but we find that we are still good about connecting nonetheless. The older girls have a strict bedtime of 8:30 pm on the weekdays and a little later than that on the weekends. These days after the girls go to sleep I'm stuck on the bed nursing Ava to sleep for about 2 hours, but before she got in the habit, H and I would sometimes watch a movie or television series together and talk. I'd be drinking my passion flower tazo tea and he'd be drinking his earl gray black tea like a couple of old farts. Haha. Ok not like old farts but we have been enjoying tea these days. He doesn't like going to the movies so when we go out it's usually to a nice restaurant, or it might be a shopping trip just taking the baby. Hey, she's usually sleeping so we can just pretend she's not there right? Just kidding. She's totally hating her car seat these days.

This past Friday H had an event to go to for work so it was fun to once again put on a pretty dress, shoes, jewelry and slap on about 50 pounds of makeup. It was also the first time we scheduled a babysitter for our now crowd of 4. $20 an hour people. That's how much the babysitter was. I'll tell you what if I wasn't nursing I probably would have been throwing back the cape cods at the gala to try to feel better about that hole in my pocket book. The babysitter was great though and I kept checking in because my poor Ava pretty much went on a bottle strike. She doesn't like taking a bottle and I've only tried twice before. She hardly ate at all while we were gone. I was torn between staying at the gala or going home, but obviously we came in one car and it would have been hard to leave and come back for H with the kids later. It was pouring that night. Thankfully she fell asleep for about 2 hours and when we came back home around 11:30 pm, she wasn't overly fussy. It doesn't look like I'll be leaving her for longer than 2 hours anymore though until she starts eating solids. H and I still had fun at the gala. We met a few new people and it was fun for me to get out and have some adult conversation. Getting out also helps us to appreciate our children more and we are always eager to hurry back to them.

Have a great Thursday!

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