Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ava 3 months!

I'm not sure at this point but probably around 14 pounds or so. I'll know at her 4 month appointment next month.

Really good. Despite colds cycling around my 3 other girls thankfully Ava has not gotten a cold yet. Once in a while her nose will run if there's a cold in the house, but it stops there. Totally crediting breastmilk.

This past month hasn't been the greatest as she's been back to waking up twice a night. She was only waking up once a night for a while there, but lately it's two times. She still goes back to sleep easily after a quick feed so thankful for that.

I was sad to have to put up the newborn clothes a few weeks ago. She's already outgrowing some of her 3 month clothes as well. I have yet to put 6 month clothes on her but I'm sure they fit by now.

Still breastmilk and she nurses great. The only thing is she can be a messy eater at times. I've been having to stick a burp cloth over the part of my nursing bra that's under her chin because she'll de latch mid stream and the milk wets the fabric or her top. If the let down is too forceful she'll also make these spraying spitting sounds and get milk on both of us.

She likes to be held a lot so if she's not being held then yes she cries sometimes. This past week was good though. She really took it easy on me which was good because let me tell you, the week before that was rough. Really rough. I was really stressed out from not being able to eat right and the girls were fighting a lot, and Ava was needing to be constantly held. I was definitely feeling some postpartum issues and unwanted thoughts. I cried a lot and felt very isolated. I hope this is behind me. Like I said this past week was soooo much better and my oldest is home from school for the next two weeks, so that's an extra pair of hands to help hold Ava. 

Ava is still little miss sociable. She loves when you talk to her and smiles so much. She really is a happy baby. She's getting better about grabbing things and taking them to her mouth. She's still pretty uncoordinated with it, but she's getting there. 

Have a great week!

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