Monday, February 1, 2016

Phone camera roll dump

{On the left, Layla & Mariam at our local library. The girls love going there. Great selection on books and movies and it has a nature trail surrounding the library. On the bottom left Layla is enjoying a cookie from the cafe inside the library. The libraries in Houston don't have cafe's so I thought it was pretty neat. No need to rush home if you're hungry or didn't bring a snack. Top right is the time Serena sprained her ankle yet again. That was a tough two weeks for us here. }

{Driving through the city on the way back from the beach. I love this city! Top right, Layla wearing one of my sunglasses enjoying the view from her window. Bottom left, the inlet.}

{Left picture is a little sneaky peeky of our new house. Ahhh! I'm so excited. So ready to peace on out of this condo and get back into a house again. God willing we'll be closing at the end of the month. Top right: Current state of the hair. Debating on how much I should cut. The ends need a trim for sure and I keep losing more and more hair every day with this post partum hair loss. Bottom right: The girls at Barnes & Noble playing}

{Pictures from the Caribbean Cowboy ball this past Saturday benefiting the George Snow foundation. They provide scholarships to underprivileged children. The weather was perfect and the event was a lot of fun. The fireworks on the inter coastal were beautiful. It was also nice to have a night out away from the kids. Ava is finally taking a bottle so it has definitely made things easier for me as far as getting some time away.}

Happy February!

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