Monday, June 5, 2017

Darling dolls by Whimsy Adoration!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's the first day of summer vacation for the girls and it's been raining most of the day. It's dampened our plans a bit, and I really didn't have anything outside of the house lined up today except for a trip to the store, but the rest of the week should be a little more interesting. For now, we've just been playing hide & seek, snacking, and playing with some toys and dolls. One doll which has come to be a constant companion around here is Layla's new mermaid doll from Whimsy Adoration.

This doll has quickly become Layla's favorite. She sleeps with it, takes it places and just moves it around with her where ever she goes. It's adorable and the perfect size for her. The doll came nicely packaged and it's beautifully made! Being a designer and sewer myself, I definitely appreciate tiny details. 

I'm impressed with this doll and it is so cute to watch Layla so taken with it. I definitely have Whimsy Adoration down as the place I'll be buying handmade dolls from. She also has something new for the little guys right now. I mean how cute is this?!

Instagram: @whimsyadoration

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