Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday!

I've actually been meaning to post a "five on Friday" For-EVER now and it just never happens. Whether or not I had something else planned to write about, or just didn't get around to blogging. The three little ones are playing in the Florida room with a neighbor so I have a few moments to spare before H and Serena gets home and I start dinner and then get super exhausted. I've been battling a cold for 2 weeks now! My voice has been raspy for over a week and this persistent cough has been not letting me fall asleep till well past 1 am every single night this week! It's been challenging to say the least, especially since the kids give me no rest. I finally broke down and saw a doctor this morning. I have....brace yourselves.....a cold. At least now I know, it's nothing serious and he prescribed me a z pak and mucinex, so hopefully I start feeling better at least by Sunday! Let's talk about some highlights though. 

One. Yesterday was my birthday and as always my husband went above and beyond in making me feel special and loved. Aside from his generous gifts, we all went out for dinner at the new Louie Bossi's which is really close to us. I loved it! From the handmade pastas to the details in the decor, you can tell they put a lot of thought into what they do. 

Two. I've always loved lave and white but I'm completely obsessed this year! I wore this gorgeous lace peplum top for my birthday yesterday and will share more pics on the blog next week. 

{White lace top: Tobi}

Three. Aside from being obsessed with white lace, tassel's, pom poms and fringe are right there too. I found the cutest earrings from Francesca's the other day. 

Similar here

Four. My sweet Serena has officially graduated middle school. I can't believe I'll have a high schooler this fall. That's crazy talk! So proud of her and everything she's accomplished this year. She's so smart and talented with a big heart. 

Five: With summer around the corner, I'm sure watermelon is going to be a staple around here. Loving this recent recipe I found and made here

Have a great weekend!

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