Monday, May 14, 2018

Serena's first communion!

This past Saturday Serena celebrated her first communion. Some might wonder why it took so long for her to do it, but really it's my fault. Life just happened. I had Layla when she was eight years old (around the time she should of had it done), and having another baby with so much time in between the last was like learning everything all over again. I couldn't handle extra activities besides her girl scouts and working full time. 

The following year we welcomed Mariam and then we moved to Florida a couple years later and then had Ava. Life just happened! Now that I'm a mom of 4, I'm an old pro at scheduling multiple activities, so I finally got Serena into catechism home schooling classes and Layla just completed her first year. She'll be doing her first communion next year. Now, uh...I just have to have Ava baptized. That's another story. 

She likes sneakers with dresses, and while she did try on several of my dressy shoes, in the end we decided my white rhinestone sneakers were her. Serena's all about comfort.

{Sneakers: Macy's}

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  1. How lovely that it worked out in the long end! Congratulations to Serena!