Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 Weeks!

Yesterday my friend Monica had her bachelorette party and I managed to make it through fine with only a few dry heaves. Yay! We all met up at another friend's house and from there went to a restaurant. I ended up leaving with my best friend who is also pregnant after dinner while the rest of the girls went club hopping. One of my friends was like "you're already showing." I felt a little self-conscious because it's mainly bloat but at least I don't have to worry about sucking it in. Lol

  • How far along? 8w 1d.

  • Total weight gain: 1 lb

  • Maternity clothes? Not anytime soon I hope.

  • Stretch marks? None new. I didn't get any on my stomach with Serena, but I got one with Layla right above my belly button. It's pretty clear though and not noticeable. With pregnancy, my behind has the tendency to grow so with both of them I got stretchmarks on the sides of my butt. They have faded greatly though.

  • Sleep: It's ok besides having to get up to go pee sometimes.

  • Best moment this/last week: Seeing and hearing the heartbeat.

  • Miss Anything? I miss feeling good lol. The fatigue and nausea can be rough.

  • Movement: No. way too early.

  • Food cravings: During my 6th week all I could think about was food, but last week the nausea started so  nothing really sounds good.

  • Food aversions: See above.

  • Gender: Not sure yet.

  • Labor Signs: Nope.

  • Symptoms: Constant off and on nausea, upset stomach, gas.

  • Belly Button in or out? In. It never popped out with my girls.

  • Wedding rings on or off? On.

  • Looking forward to: My good friend's wedding this coming Saturday.



    1. Adorable! You're so tiny, it's no wonder the bump would start showing so soon.

      Hopefully the nausea part of it all goes away soon!

    2. I sure don't miss the morning sickness stage! I'm 35 weeks and counting down, it's amazing how quickly it goes by.