Thursday, March 1, 2012

She sleeps.

Vintage Layla

My baby sleeps through the night. (Insert choirs of angels singing hallelujah....). I thought it would never happen.

She has been sleeping through the night for the past 2 weeks. Thank the lawd! She goes down for the night between 7:30-8:00 pm and is up around 6:30 am. It's been glorious my friends. GLOR-I-OUS.

We tried everything. I read all the books. I tried letting her cry it out. This child was just not sleep-trainable. I guess she just decided at about 9 and a half months she was ready. She did have a night a few days ago where she woke up around 1 am but I think she has a new tooth coming in and it was bothering her.

In other baby news, I officially stopped breastfeeding 4 days ago. The first day that I came to the decision I was a little sad, but the next day I felt better and now I've come to peace about it. I really wanted to reach a year but Layla pretty much weaned herself. For the past month we've only been down to one nursing session a day and lately she just hasn't been interested. My milk supply really dwindled because of it and dealing with my pump is stressful. I wasn't sure if I could bring my supply back up anyways.

I'm proud I made it this far-especially with the issues I'm dealing with because of it. When the problems started at month 3. I wanted to quit. In fact I tried. Twice. I couldn't do it though. I loved the bond and I knew it was best for Layla. I did take extra measures to do it in a way where I didn't strain myself, but I look back and just wish a nurse, somebody, anybody would have stressed to me the importance of supporting your arms and neck when nursing your baby, but it was never mentioned once. 

It will get better though. Just gotta keep the faith, the faith, the faith. Sorry. I got George Michael stuck in my head. ;)


  1. Congrats on the baby sleeping through the night! Mine will do it for a couple weeks, then revert back to waking up once or twice. I would love to go to sleep and KNOW that I wouldn't be woken up until the morning! It will come, I'm sure:)

  2. Ahhhh, and she looks so peaceful while she's sleeping too!

    I read your previous posts about the strain breastfeeding had on your body and the effects it's had on you. Wishing you all the best.


    Allie (

  3. congrats!! i don't have any little ones yet..but i'll be sure to remember to support my arms and back when nursing begins.

    see, isn't blogging such a great way to learn from each other?

  4. Thanks Allie. :)

    Twiggy, yes. I'm happy if I could reach even a few people about this matter.

  5. I think every mother who breastfed wishes there were things that other women had passed on to her! I had to stop at two months with my son (mostly for supply one stressed to me the importance of building a supply early on), but it was a heartrending decision to stop at the time.

    I do wish that it is a subject that women would be more open to discussing with others. Not in a granola sort of way, but in a "hey, you're going to be a mama soon, let me give you some breastfeeding tips" sort of way.

    You're post was refreshing!

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