Thursday, April 25, 2013

Layla & Mariam Wear

 I've been a bad blogger lately because I've been exhausted. Mariam is going through a 5 month wakeful or something, so I've been up 1-3 times with her between the hours of midnight and 6am. On top of that, I've been going to sleep close to midnight daily because she doesn't want to go to sleep till about 9:30 pm-10:30 pm. Most nights after she's asleep, I've been tip-toeing down the stairs to get to sewing. I've got some new things I'm working on so I've been a bit obsessive about it lately. This weekend I've got to get Mariam transitioned to the crib. She is one wild sleeper and that is the safest place for her. The only problem is our house has just three bedrooms and it's not time to room the two littlest ones in together for fear of waking each other. In the meantime, it's either buy a toddler bed and have her room with Serena, or get a bunk bed. We'll see. I desperately need a good nights rest though. 


  1. I totally can relate. My son is 6 months and his sleep went to shit for like a week and I was (still am) a walking zombie. He would wake 4-5 times during a 12 hour period. I thought I was going to die. Your girls are adorable! I hope you get some rest.

  2. they look so identical in that first pic!!