Thursday, April 18, 2013

The hunt for the right dress

It's late and I just finished sewing a large order so I'm unwinding now and catching up on some blogs. Sooo....I mentioned that everyone in the house had a cold last week. H and I were the last to get it, and let me tell you this was a bad one because Layla's cold turned into a double ear infection (her first ear infection ever) and I was just diagnosed with strep throat yesterday. I'm on antibiotics and I'm still not feeling great, but not as bad as I was yesterday. I'm hoping I perk up by Friday because a good friend of mine is getting married! I've been looking forward to this for months. Looking forward to my friend tying the knot with her love, and looking forward to dinner and dancing with my love (and no kids!) I hardly get out much with friends. For one, pretty much all my friends are also married with kids, and they don't live that close. I mean I get out but it's always with one, two, or all three girls. H and I haven't been great about scheduling date nights either, but it's hard to get away when you have a baby at home (especially one that doesn't take to a bottle very well).
This past weekend, the girls and I went on the hunt for a dress for me. I tried my local mall and found a few things I liked, but like always there are never enough small sizes made. I then tried the outlets and walla! The first store I walked into had a dress I loved for a great price. Here are some I tried on first and liked.
I was really wanting something long and strapless. I love strapless dresses! I loved the first long dress a lot (top left), but I did not like the orange color. This ivory and peach dress is the one I bought. It's adorable and it fits good. I may end up sewing a longer lining underneath but I'm not sure if I'll have time by Friday.
The first dress is from Dillards and the other three are from Windsor. I really wish there was a Windsor closer instead of all the way in Katy, but it was worth the drive. I was picking up Serena from my parents house anyways which is close to there. Windsor has such a wide range of beautiful dresse and a wide variety of appearal and accessories. You can shop online here.


  1. I love love love the dress that you picked! And the lining will look great either way :)

  2. Very pretty. I hope you can get better so I can see pictures of the wedding :)

  3. omg!! I have that last one, the exact same one but blue :) I got it from a boutique called threads!! I love the short low one on you it looks great!!