Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fancies

So glad it's Friday, however it's rainy and gloomy outside and the girls and I will most likely be spending all day inside. I've got some things to do around the house and I'm hoping the girls take a long nap at the same time in the afternoon so I can get some work done. I've been getting a few inquiries about making custom bibs for birthday parties. I recently did first birthday party bibs for a set of twins. Their theme is "pink lemonade." So cute! Love that theme.

I've also got some new designs/prints coming out each week and something big I'm working on for the summer. It's all very exciting but there is much work to be done and research. I'm hoping I reach my deadline but it all depends, because I can't move as fast as I'd like. My girls come first. I don't let my work cut into being with them and I have a system that works..for now. So we'll see. Since I'm already talking about the biz, I'll go ahead and share this little beauty which will be available online Monday. Love.