Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The striped maxi: postpartum

So remember this post, where I talked about how by mid-may I wanted to have gained 5-6 lbs and get toned. Welllll...I should have given myself a longer time frame because I didn't count on catching a cold like I did, or having dental work which affected me being able to eat solid meals for a couple days. Nevertheless, I have put on some weight. Hurrah! The last time I checked at my in-laws house. (my scale is broken), I had gained 2 pounds. Hey! I'll take it. I haven't been exercising much to work on my toning. I've just been so busy and believe me I know that all it takes is at least 15-30 minutes of the day, but I guess I just haven't made it a priority. I will again though. 

The dress is much longer without a 32 week baby bump. It's also a tad too big. I bought it pregnant and it's a medium so I'm going to have to alter it or else I'll be stuck constantly hiking it up on the bust.

Ps. I think I'm going to have to turn my moderate comments on. I keep getting all these spam comments. So annoying! I also don't want to turn on captcha because that can be aggravating for a person trying to leave a comment. I know sometimes I don't want to leave a comment on other people's blog posts, because it takes me at least 3 times for me to get the captcha right on my phone due to auto correct or it just not reading it. 

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love that dress! I've been hunting for perfect maxis to wear through the rest of my pregnancy that can also be worn after. I never get maternity clothes!