Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life via i-phone pics

I keep trying to blog this week, but something always comes up. The afternoons to myself have been far and in between, since the girls afternoon naps have not be in sync like they used to be. At night after the girls are put to bed, I'm usually sewing so there's that. Tonight, however I'm taking the time to share some pictures I've taken with my phone this week. :)

A good hair day. Lol
New bib design for boys.

Mariam at the doctor for her 6 month check-up

Laying in the nursery playing with my girls.
Mariam and daddy playing candy crush. What is it with this candy crush? I don't play so I'm wondering what is so addicting about it.

My Layla.

Bought eos chapstick for the first time and woah! I've been missing out. This one is sweet mint and it smells so good, I could just eat it up.

Skirt I whipped up for Mariam today. I'll make another post on it once she's wearing it. Confession--I spend so much time making things for others, that I haven't made too many things as you would think for the girls. Sure they are my models, but they don't have one of each of everything I make. I need to make more things for them.

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