Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Layla's Birthday Party Pics

We had Layla's birthday party this past Saturday and everything went great. I'm so glad I kept it small and family only. In total there was 15 people so definitely less stress! I got so behind on things I literally bought some decorations and presents the night before and threw my ideas together. Serena helped me decorate and it all came out cute and simple. Initially I was going to do a minnie mouse theme since Layla loves minnie mouse right now, but I ended up doing just pink and whites. A girly slightly shabby chic theme. 

The party started at 4:00 pm but half of the family didn't show up till 5:15 pm. We had a simple menu of veggies, cheeses, fruit skewers, fried chicken, potato salad, corn and salad. The only thing we had to do was cut up the veggies, cheeses and put the fruit skewers together. Everything else we bought already made. With three girls, one being a baby, I definitely need to keep things quick and easy right now. 

Putting together this photo banner was a lot of fun and super easy. I simply uploaded photos to and then picked them up an hour later. I also bought some card stock and ribbon later and just taped them on the ribbon.


  1. adorable photos! i love the fruit kabobs!

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  4. happy belated birthday layla! that cake looks yummy!!