Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Downtown Houston

One of my husband's sisters is visiting from Saudi Arabia till mid September, so some of the family thought it would be nice to take her to downtown to check out Discovery Green and sight-see by riding the metrorail. It had actually rained the night before, so the weather was pretty nice and not scorching hot like it has been lately. 

We started the day at Discovery Green and let the kids (minus Mariam) splash in the water. I always bring them a change of clothes so it wasn't a big deal. After the kids had their fun and we got some ice cream, we walked a few blocks to the metro rail and rode it for a few stops. Once we got back to our starting point, we walked through downtown enjoying the breeze and got in our cars to head to Spaghetti Warehouse. The girls were so good during the whole time there and I'm so grateful, because let me tell you, Layla has entered the terrible two's and it ain't pretty. It's not that she has thrown a tantrum in a restaurant...yet, but she doesn't like staying in her seat for very long. 

I'm glad we got to spend some quality time with H's sister. She arrived in August to stay at my mother in law's house for a little over a month and before this, I have never met her in person. Plane tickets to and from the middle east are pretty expensive so it's not easy for them to get together very often. I still have yet to meet one other sister of H's. She's in Jordan and I've skyped with her at least which is nice, but perhaps one day I'll get to meet her. Sometimes I can't get over technology and how far we've come. H comes from a family of 7 and all his brothers are here in Houston, so I'm grateful that the girls have family nearby.


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