Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My big girl

I can't believe my first born is a fifth grader this year. Yesterday morning when I dropped her off, I definitely felt a little emotional. This is the last year my baby will be in elementary school and it makes me sad. It also brought me back to when I dropped her off on her very first day of kindergarten. The school she attended then, didn't allow us to walk our kids in and I remember driving away and crying like a baby. Time goes by so fast and here Serena is at 10 years old and already as tall as me. She's getting so big and I can't wait for her to experience all the wonderful things yet to come, but I also wish she could stay small and I could keep her under my wing because the world can also be scary and sad and with growing up comes more responsibility. 

On a funnier note, I was just telling H that everything we've experienced through the school years with Serena, we have to do all over again with Layla and Mariam. Talk about a big gap!. It will be fun though--but not in any hurry for them to start school.


  1. i love this blog so much! i am a friend of your daughter and she is with me right now as i am typing this. love and kisses from your secret friend. xoxo