Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mariam wear

Dressing little ones is so fun. The miniature clothes, the miniature shoes! Love it all. I bought this little dress for Mariam from TJ Maxx 2 months ago and I love how lightweight it is and it's vintage look. These moccasins are by far my favorite shoes for her and I expect she'll be getting a lot of use out of them. They run a bit big so I bought her the 3-6 month pair, but I was thinking of buying her the next size pair also because I love them so much. Looks like life made that choice for me because the girls and I went to the mall on Sunday and one of her shoes fell off and we could not find them anywhere! I was so upset. Luckily there was an Old Navy in the mall so I ended up just buying her another pair. 

I attached the link in a previous post about these shoes but it looks like they took them offline. There were still plenty of pairs in store. The red bow can be found in my shop here.


  1. so cute! i bought the same pair of mocs for savio! i was in the market for some for him and could not find any that were a reasonable price, and almost made my own, until i saw these :)

  2. i loove a good tj maxx find!! that dress is precious!! as is the little lady under it :) :)