Monday, October 21, 2013

What does the fox say

{Sweater: Crazy 8}

I spotted this adorable sweater in the clearance rack at Crazy 8 recently and I had to have it for Layla! I was first drawn to the little ruffles on the sleeve and then I noticed the fox. So cute! Foxes and other woodland creatures are pretty popular right now and I can see why. 

Here are some other woodland creature themed apparel and accessories I'm loving right now.

{Everything above minus the top at the bottom left hand corner can be found at Gymboree. The deer and fox top are from Crazy 8.}

{Fox skirt: Ashleynneclothing | Fox onesie: Sweetjaneclothing
 Fox hair clip: CutiePieHairFlair | Fox toddler hoodie: Dollfacethreads
Fox capelet: Violastudio


  1. So cute! Woodland animals are very cute these days:)

  2. They are! This is the first woodland animal print shirt I've gotten Layla and now I want more. ;)

  3. Foxes are def the new Deer... or is Owl... or mustache? LOL. The sweater is super cute, I love the ruffle too!