Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Loving lately!

1. All the good smells - Since my nausea started in January, I can't stand anything that smells bad. I mean who can? But while pregnant my sense of smell is heightened and bad smells make me want to hurl fast. I like to keep the condo smelling nice so I normally use glade plug-ins and I found these Chesapeake Bay candles at Target. They smell so good! I also have a thing for luxury hand soaps and this English boutique hand soap was found at Home Goods.

2. Toddlers in cute pajamas - I picked this set up in Target last month and they are very soft and the girls love them. I got a size 4T and both of them were supposed to be for Layla, but Mariam helped herself to a pair--even though it's too big, and that was that. I still love woodland creatures on children's clothes.

{Fox pajama set}

3. L'il Critters vitamins - Another item I picked up at Target last month. It's a children's multivitamin and mineral formula with the pucker power of sour and formulated with naturally sourced flavors. The girls really enjoy taking one daily and sometimes I sneak one in too.

4. Neutrogena daily deep conditioner & L'Oreal volume filler thickening shampoo - I like this shampoo because it does make your hair a little thicker and it smells good. I love any products that make hair bigger. I picked up this conditioner recently and it works great. I'm not that easy on my hair as in I blow dry often and use a curling iron, so I know it's not the healthiest and this conditioner is great because it's light weight and makes your hair soft.

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  1. The girls look cute in their pjs! I'm going to try that conditioner. Thanks for sharing!