Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break Recap {Lion Country Safari}

Last post about spring break. Promise! Another fun thing we did was drive out to Lion Country Safari. The girls really enjoyed it. Upon arriving you go through the drive-thru safari first. I was a little disappointed that you don't actually get to feed the animals from your car and there aren't many lions. The ones that were there just sat around behind fences and the lion area was small. Once we finished the safari I felt that the price was high per person if that's all you got, but the rest of the park definitely makes up for it and was worth it. 

After the safari, we parked, changed Mariam's diaper, sun screened everybody and headed into the park. All the rides, paddle boats, boat rides, activities and water park are included. We didn't check out their on site restaurant, but we did snack on pizza, icees and funnel cakes. Not healthy, but hey we all have days like this. Mariam did really well and only wanted to be carried 15% of the time which was a win in our book. We spent the whole day there and by the time we left we were pooped. The girls fell asleep as soon as they got in their car seats and slept all the way home. The park is only 35 minutes away from us so I definitely want to go back sometime. 

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