Monday, July 13, 2015


I didn't blog at all last week because we took a little vacation to Texas! We drove there to go visit our family and friends. Surprisingly the drive with two toddlers wasn't bad. Layla and Mariam did really well. Serena stocked a tote full of toys, books, colors, and they each had a tablet so they stayed pretty occupied. They also slept a lot which was good. Mariam would get a little frustrated at times being strapped in a car seat, but still she did good. She did lie to us like three times about pooping in her diaper so we would have to pull over at rest stops a lot more than we would have liked, but I've got to give her credit for being smart enough to play us haha! Btw, we are going to be working on potty training next week. My goal is to have her potty trained before the baby comes. Back to Texas though. It was so nice to see my dad again, my in-laws and our closest friends. Also yay for not having to cook, clean or worry about work! I took my camera but can you believe I did not take one picture with it!

Today H was back at work so it's me and the girls again. We did some shopping today at Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and then Target. I brought back my old bedspread that we had left by accident in Texas before we moved and after seeing this picture by Joss & Main, I'm totally inspired to update the master bedroom using it as inspo.

I already have the bedspread, but I spent some time last night scouring the Internet for similar pillows. Didn't find anything so I'll just make them myself. It will be cheaper anyways and I found similar fabric at Hobby Lobby. I also picked up some fabric to make more things for baby #4.

I've been needing a bath mat for the master bedroom and more towels so I found these at Home Goods. The candles are from Target.


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