Monday, July 20, 2015

Our weekend

This weekend was nice. Relaxing and tiring all at the same time. Saturday I spent some time sewing for the home. I made throw pillows for the master bedroom and cloth napkins. Originally the cloth napkins fabric was going to be made for baby bibs, but I just wasn't feeling the print for that after all. I love the way the pillows came out but I wish I would have made them a little bit bigger. I'm currently revamping the master bedroom even though we are in this condo temporarily. I'll be sure to post pictures once I'm done with it. 

Later that day we all went grocery shopping, had dinner and then homemade banana split sundaes. So good! Much better than store bought. 

Sunday I thought the weather was going to be cooler because it had been raining the past few days and the temperature said 85 degrees, so I thought it would be a good idea to check out the Miami zoo. Boy was I wrong about the weather. I'm pretty sure yesterday was the hottest day of the year! We were sweating like crazy. Nevertheless we explored for about 4 hours but didn't get to see everything. After a while we couldn't take the heat anymore and the girls were getting restless. I had been getting a ton of braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, but they calmed down later. My oldest isn't picture because she was spending the weekend with family. We plan on going back to see the rest of the zoo with her once it's fall and the weather is cooler.

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