Wednesday, August 19, 2015

School Days

I can't believe my second baby started school! Her first day of Pre-K was yesterday and she had a great day. She's seriously been looking forward to it since we took her on a tour of the place in Spring earlier this year. I wanted to drop her off in the morning but I knew that Mariam would make a scene about not being able to stay, so I thought it would be best if H just dropped her off and I would pick her up. The school has a car rider line so when it was my turn to pull up I totally cried when I saw her and she waved excitedly at me. I love her so much! Since Serena started 7th grade on Monday, yesterday was also the first day that it was just Mariam and I at home. The time went by really quickly since Layla is only at school for 3 hours. 

I completely forgot to have her pose with her little chalkboard sign, but I was able to do something special for her by sewing her skirt. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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