Monday, August 10, 2015

The weekend {Sewing & Kids}

After a hellacious week with the girls, Saturday was a Godsend. My husband had a playdate scheduled with Layla and Mariam and a new friend of his that has two kids, so he took them around 10:00 am. I thought they'd be back within 2 hours but they just stopped by to pick up their swimsuits and headed back out. I literally got like the whole day to myself and it was heaven. I did some work and I sewed a maternity top for myself. I felt like making a ruffled maternity tube top out of knit fabric I had and I think it turned out pretty good for my first time. I didn't sew the bottom yet but just tucked it in for the pictures. I'll finish it this week.

Sunday, I took Layla and Serena to the library and then we did some grocery shopping. Afterwards I made lunch at home and then I decided to head back out with H and the girls to pick up something from Home Depot for his guitar. Late afternoon the girls had fun playing with their dollhouse (that we are fixing up) and we had family movie night. 

It was a good weekend and I'm hoping this week is better than last week. This is the last week before Serena starts school and Layla starts Pre-K. I'm also looking to put Mariam in a Mother's Day out program for a few hours a week. I think a change of pace might be good for her--and for all of us.

Have a great Monday.

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