Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The long and short of it..

I was originally going to wear this maxi dress to Serena's recital this past Saturday but I changed my  mind at the last minute. Of course changing an outfit last minute is always disasterous when you are going somewhere because you have no idea what to wear!

I wasn't feeling to comfortable with the dress or the least not for the recital, plus I remembered we were going to a friend's BBQ afterwards so this certainly wasn't going to work. The concept seemed nice at first, but it just bugged me for some reason. You know what maybe because I wasn't used to the hair. This was the first time I've actually succeeded at wearing the messy side bun. I'm used to leaving my hair down.



  1. I love the bun!
    And the dress of course!

  2. Love the preggo picture!

  3. Love this dress and it would be PERFECT for my maternity pictures. Can you email me to let me know where you got it?