Monday, May 28, 2012

My little ballerina..

It's been a great weekend. On Saturday Serena had a ballet recital and it was beautiful! I wish I could have taken pictures of the actual performance, but they don't allow flash and it was dark other than the stage. She had alot of fun and I'm so glad she's happy with ballet and still wants to continue doing it for many years. She really is a natural at it and Lord knows I don't say that about all the things she's done.

After the recital we headed over to a friend's house for crawfish and yesterday the day was spent at another friend's house for yet another cookout. Today we had a lazy day. Well lazy for H and the girls. I was busy cleaning and cooking. In the afternoon, I took the girls and one of Serena's friends for a walk to the park.

(Note to self: Do not go for a half mile walk around 3pm when the sun is blazing hot.)

Some Iphone pics...

and scenes from today....

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