Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday outfit..

Friday June 1st was my birthday and I had such a great evening with H. He really made me feel special and it was a memorable night. Earlier in the morning he told me that he wanted to take me out to eat for dinner so be ready and have the girls ready by 4pm because he was going to get off work early.

Of course I tried on a dozen outfits before I finally found something suitable for this bump. I didn't have alot of options and wished I had gone to the mall and bought something new, but I settled on an old Forever 21 top and my trusty Heidi Klum maternity pants. H got home by 5:00 pm with a beautiful orchid and my mom showed up 30 minutes later. I thought she was going with us, but she was here to watch the girls. It was just going to be me and H. Yay!

First went to an art gallery and we were going to do some shopping at the Galleria but we ran out of time. Traffic had been really bad. So we went to dinner at an amazing steakhouse (so delicious), and it felt just like old times when we used to eat at nice restaurants with no kids. Two men (one who looked like he had juusstt a little two much wine) came over, shook H's hand and congratulated him on my pregnancy lol. There was also a nice girl who stopped me and we talked babies. It was fun.

I only got one picture of H and I dining because it was so dim inside and that one came out super dark, so here are some pics of my outfit I took in the restaurant bathroom.


  1. LOVE LOVE this outfit and so glad that you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I've always said you were the cutest pregnant person ever. Love those wedges.

  3. Man I wish I looked like this when I'm pregnant so chic and stylish with skinny legs!!!

  4. you look great! love the outfit! xo