Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap..

Phew! We had a busy weekend. Well no scratch that, we had a busy Friday and Saturday and I had a lazy Sunday. Friday I took the girls to see the little mermaid performance at the Miller outdoor theater. It was crazy hot! I'm so glad I brought sunscreen, snacks, a blanket to sit on and an umbrella for some shade. The performance was nice and luckily only about an hour long so we weren't baking for too long.

(These pictures are all from my iphone so the quality isn't that great)

Serena happened to snap this picture just as Layla was munching on a cheerio. Oh and something embarrassing to share because I really am having alot of these moments. ;) When I got up at the end of the play, I had this huge sweat stain right where my bump was pushed under my chest. I was also starving at that point and had to desperately try in vain to dry the spot before we walked into a restaurant to eat. 

Ahh..good times..

On Saturday we had two parties to go to. The first one was a 1st birthday party for a good friend of ours. I wasn't able to any pictures but one, but we had fun sharing the day with our friends and catching up. After that party we headed to another party for one of my friend's where again I wasn't able to take many pictures. If you have a toddler, you know how hard it is to really enjoy yourself and relax when you take them to another persons house. I did take a picture of my outfit though. ;)

On Sunday we woke up bright and early at 7:30 am despite wanting to sleep in because that's when Layla's internal alarm clock goes off. I made breakfast for us and then we settled into our Sunday morning routines. In the early afternoon H took the girls to my in-laws to spend time with them. I was pretty tired and my shoulder knots were bothering me so I decided to stay home. It's so strange to have the house to myself! It's really rare for me, so I caught up on some Army wives, ate some ice cream, cleaned, made kafta for my dinner, blogged, and listened to music from my long lost ipod.

I had to snap a picture of Layla before she left (Serena is hardly into taking pictures anymore) because she was being adorable like usual. Still not walking at 13 months but she's getting really close. She will let go of the furniture and take a step or two and she can now stand up on her own without using something to pull herself up.

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