Thursday, August 2, 2012

Five favorite baby items..

I thought I would compile a list of my favorite baby items that I felt were really helpful to us--and will continue to use with this next baby. Hopefully this might help any of you mommies that are wondering about certain products.

1.) Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer

We received this as a gift and the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer is one of my favorite nursery items. It's sleek, compact, and so easy to use. It warms both pop-up and regular wipes to the perfect temperature for comfortable diaper changes. It also holds a lot of wipes. The only thing you have to do is just wet the sponge inside between refills. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

2.) Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

Since we are on the subject of baby tush comfort, here's another product I love. This butt paste has come to our rescue the few times I've needed it. Layla was lucky enough not to get her first diaper rash till she was about 5 months old and this paste cleared it up in no time. H liked to put some on Layla often, but I just use it as needed. It clears up the rash pretty quickly. She had a particular bad one recently and I slathered it on and by the next day, the redness really went down and the day after that, it was gone. If your baby has a bad rash, I also recommend switching to hypoallergenic, chlorine, fragrance, and alcohol free wipes. Also, try to give them a bath after every bowel movement. Letting their butt's soak in water for a little while really helps and is soothing. Though Layla doesn't often get a diaper rash, I am contemplating cloth diapering this next baby. For one, it will be cheaper since we will have two kids in diapers. It's also better for their delicate skin and better for the environment. At the very least I will have a few cloth diapers on hand so I don't run into this again.

Yep--that is a makeshift cloth diaper I made out of terrycloth and velcro for that one time Layla had a bad diaper rash. Funny isn't it? She looked like bam-bam from the Flinstones.

3.) My Little Lamb Baby Papasan Infant Seat

Layla still uses this seat. She's getting big for it, but she likes to drink her milk in it sometimes or just play in it. This seat was given to me to use by a friend to use and I just absolutely love it! This was the second thing that Layla slept in as a newborn. For the first two weeks she slept in a bassinet but then she hated it. With a newborn you have to find what works best. You will do pretty much anything to get the baby to sleep. They can be picky! I have a friend who had a baby that would only sleep in the carseat.

Once we realized that Layla didn't like the bassinet we tried the infant seat and she loved it. The music and vibration would keep her asleep for a good while. It snuggles baby in soft and cushy fabrics. There's a sweet lamb's wool headrest to cradle and support baby's head and wonderfully soft velboa fabric where baby sits. Overhead, baby has an adjustable mirror dome to entertain, and a sweet plush lamb with rattle dangles from a star for baby to play. Vibrations soothe baby plus plays beautiful classical music and lullabies. It also has a three point restraint and the pad is machine washable.

4.) My little lamb cradle and swing

I've mentioned before that Layla slept in the swing till she was 4 months. old. I used to worry if this was ok, but the pedi said it was perfectly fine. Do what you have to do to get that baby to sleep. I remember having anxiety about how hard it was going to be to transition her to the crib in the nursery, but my mom was a big help. At that time I was still working so she started putting her down for naps in her crib and she took to it pretty easily. After a couple weeks of that we tried it for bedtime and it worked fairly easily. Not that she slept through the night--heck, the girl didn't start sleeping through the night till she was 9 months but at least she was in her crib and I had my room back. ;)

This swing is a lot like the infant seat except it swings, plays different music and the mobile is different. The Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Cradle Swing is great for entertaining your baby with its gentle swinging and rocking motion. Plush, cozy fabrics found on this lamb swing ensure the baby is comfortable as he or she is rocked to sleep. The cradle motivates sensory and physical activity of your child, giving him complete comfort and entertainment. It's great to have. I'm sure the next baby will enjoy it too.

5.) Chico Cortina Keyfit stroller

We actually bought the travel system (stroller, carseat, base) and it's worked out great. the color scheme we got was the brown and green one but we got a great deal for it. I love the stroller because it handles so easily and is super easy to push. It's not that heavy but it's not that light either. I imagine most full size strollers are heavy though. It has a few neat features like adjustment of the height of the stroller handle by pushing in the side buttons and pivoting the handle to the position most comfortable for you. It also features a large storage basket under the seat so you can bring along baby's essentials. 


  1. I have heard alot about this wipe warmer! I might have to try it out

  2. yay i have that swing, hope it works super good :)

  3. I have the little lamb seat! I liked it a lot. ;)

  4. That swing is ultimate for the little one.