Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh. Layla just wanted to say hi..

Happy Friday!

I've been noticing that Layla likes sunglasses. She'll wear them for awhile and they just make her happy. Anything that makes her happy--makes momma happy.

 Before I sign off here for the weekend, here's what's been going on around these parts. I have been really busy. I've been working hard on a project that I can't wait to share with you all within the next 2 weeks--maybe sooner if I get it done earlier. I'm so excited about it! I go to sleep thinking about it every night and it's constantly on my mind. It's also been a bit of a challenge though balancing it all with Serena and Layla as I crunch to meet the deadline I set for myself.

Speaking of the girls, let's start with Serena. Boy has it been a challenging summer with her. It's not all her fault, the poor thing has been cooped up a lot in the house seeing how it's been so hot and the one little girl on our street that she would play with up and moved away. I'm pretty sure 9 is not my favorite age though. She questions everything, and I've been getting sass here and there. It's been pretty hard with these pregnancy hormones to keep my cool. On the other hand she is so helpful when we go places or just by keeping an eye on Layla. I've also started having her do more chores around the house and it's been a help. Ballet just started back up this past Wednesday and school is back in effect on the 27th so that should be exciting for her.

Layla has been adorable as usual lately and I just love that she can walk now. I love hearing the pitter-patter of her tiny feet. She's been making these adorable little uh-oh noises when she falls down or bumps into something and my heart just melts. I've been working more on learning activities with her lately and trying to be consistent about doing them everyday with her.

As for me--I have been super emotional lately. Like I get my feelings hurt sooo easily. Poor H probably doesn't know what to say to me sometimes. I have to try not to be so sensitive and remember that he's been tired. He's been working so hard because he's short-staffed so I need to cut him some slack. I love that man.


  1. Pregnancy will SO do that to you... rough!!! But oh my gosh your little one is absolutely to die for. Love your blog!

  2. Love her shades and her t shirt is hilarious!