Thursday, August 9, 2012

Layla is 15 Months!

I don't think I've ever done one of these monthly check-ins for Layla, but I thought I might start doing them occaisonally. I've been bad about updating her baby book lately so at least I have some documentation here.

I'm so thankful Layla has been healthy since she was born. I really credit breastfeeding for that. She has only had a fever once but has gotten the sniffles and cough twice in her life so far. She does have an issue with sensitive skin and lately she has had some rash right on her bottom. The poor thing scratches a lot when I change her diaper. I try and stop her but I can't hold her hand away and change her diaper at the same time. Sometimes she will scratch so hard so will break the skin. I have to alternate between a lotion, anti-itch cream and an antibiotic ointment.

Ever since Layla started sleeping through the night (at 9 months) she has been such a great sleeper. She still takes 2 naps a day and goes to bed by 8:00 pm in her nursery. Serena goes to bed by 8:30 pm so it's sooooo nice being able to really relax by then. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the evenings when all is quiet.

I still have to rock her to put her down to sleep though. A habit we still have not broken. I can however put her down drowsy at night and she will go to bed without usually a peep.


No more baby food for her. She doesn't like those little food packets anymore so she eats table food and her diet is mainly organic foods. She has gotten picky though and will spit something out if she doesn't like it. I don't give her any fried foods, or junk food. I believe that our children are influenced by what we eat so we try to eat healthy and really don't have that much junk food in the house. My parents never really kept cookies, soft drinks, chips and other junk food in the house very often so I find that I'm kind of the same way now. I do keep chips, and sweets in the house but we aren't excessive with them.


Layla wears clothes that range from 18 months to 24 months. For the past few months she pretty much wears leggings or pants (unless we go outside) and that's because she was walking on her knees a lot and also has a habit of scratching up her legs.


In the past month or so I noticed that she will get a little temper if her sister takes something away from her. She will throw herself back and kick her little legs. Aside from that she is such a sweetie and a kissing machine! Sometimes she'll give me 5 kisses in a row. She'll also want to stop drinking her water, milk or juice to give me a kiss. She is picking up so much and is just a little sponge.


Layla is finally walking on  her two feet! She crawled early and has been standing on her own for awhile but she would get scared to walk. Just last week she really took off. I absolutely love seeing her walk. So cute! For a moment I was getting worried because she just turned 15 months, but she's been taking steps for the past month-she just likes to do things in her own time.


  1. My daughter started walking at 15 months too! I think it's hilarious when a kid walks early the parents think they are destined for great things :) Every kid is at their own pace!

  2. Happy 15 months to her! She is so adorable!!

    I would have been in HUGE trouble if I didn't post monthly updates to my blog when Aubrey was a baby. I've probably written maybe two sentences in her baby book so I am happy that I kept everything up there!