Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: A year in review

2012 was an awesome year for my family and I. It really was and I'm almost a little sad to see it go. Layla turned one, Serena turned 10 and we welcomed Mariam into the world. I quit my job of 8 yrs in January to become a stay at home mom and I started my own business later in the year. H got a promotion and our families are healthy. I really couldn't of asked for anything more of 2012.
The year started out quietly with just Layla and I during the day and Serena at school.
There was family trips.

A surprise pregnancy.

Layla turned one.

Serena had her second ballet recital

My belly continued to grow.

I started my own online boutique FHJ Baby
We welcomed Mariam into the world.
A great year indeed.



  1. Eventful & exciting year!! :) I love the items in your boutique, they are so cute.

  2. I love all of your bump pictures! So cute!! Hope 2013 is just as amazing for your family!

  3. What a year you had! So busy and blessed! :)