Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little red coating hood

Coating hood. Ha! You like that? I made it up myself. Somewhere in the universe, an english teacher is shaking her head at me.
 I've been obsessed with little coats for Layla this season, and this little fleece set from Amazon with the little leopard trim was super cute and cheap on Amazon. You can find the set here. You can also see another one of her adorable coats here. I liked the top it came with, but the pants I did not like. I don't like putting brown on Layla, but the pants also didn't fit that great. the band on the waist was too tight.


  1. So cute. I'm obsessed with coats and blazers for my little one, BUT she is so hot blooded they don't last long and she is fussy bc she is hot! I love your little fashionista!

  2. Love this coat! Her hair is beautiful too:)