Friday, January 18, 2013

Never too early to wear bunnies

It looks like Mariam is digging for treasure in the second picture. Ha-ha! Most of the pictures I got were of her crying so it had to do. This adorable pink bunny dress was a gift for Mariam from one of H's co-workers and it's absolutely adorable. You can find it on sale for $7.59 at Children's Place here. What a steal! Layla's ballerina slippers from Macy's can be found here. I just love dressing little girls. It's so much fun--I know I say this all the time.

Last week the girls and I went to the mall and I ended up really just looking at clothes for them. In the end I just walked out with a lipgloss that was on sale at Victoria's Secret. Womp...womp. I fail at shopping for myself now.


  1. adorable!!! i fail at shopping for myself now too haha oh well...

  2. the photos are too cute! love that dress :) -- shopping for yourself?? whats that mean- haha!

  3. This is seriously TOO cute!! Can't wait for Easter!! xo