Monday, January 7, 2013

Mariam Month 2

I'm not sure what her weight is, but she has definitely gained. She's heavier and much longer. Her head is actually peeking out of the bjorn now.
So far so good and I hope it stays that way for a long time. One thing I've noticed is that she has started to get some little red bumps on her cheeks and some dry skin, but that's completely normal. Also, I think the little salmon patches she has on her forhead and nose have lightened a little. According to the pedi and from what I've read, they will continue to fade over the next few months. My godson had some too when he was born and by the time he was one, they were hardly noticeable and would only appear a little when he was upset and crying.
Since December 11th Mariam has pretty much been sleeping through the night. Hallelujiah! Praise the lawd! I know the date because I started tracking her sleeping on my phone. She's been giving us 5 to 6 hour stretches and when she does wake up, she gets a quick diaper change, a feeding, and then she goes back to bed for a couple of hours. However she refuses to go down for the night until it's at least almost midnight, but then she's down. It's better than waking up every 2-3 hours. Layla was the poor night time sleeper till she was 9 months, so I'm really glad Mariam is doing better at night.
Mariam isn't the chunkiest, but she is long. She has been wearing 3 month clothes since she was a month and a half.
Milk! As I mentioned in the last monthly check in, I cut out dairy but not completely. I can have a little bit of cheese or products that have diary but that's it. I made the mistake of having too much swiss cheese Christmas Eve and we both paid for it. Her colic has been much better though. One thing I've noticed about Mariam is that she doesn't like to feed very long, but she likes to feed often. Sometimes I feel like I might as well just walk around with my shirt off at home...
Her colic has gotten much better but there are still times where she goes through these crying episodes and it's a lot of work to get her to calm down. She still has a hard time laying quietly on her own and wants to be held constantly. She prefers you carry her in a way that's most uncomfortable for you...that means you better walk around cradling her the way she likes it. Don't think you can cheat either and sit on the couch and simulate the way it feels when you are walking. Oh no. That will not fly in her world.
She is gaining strength in her neck and her arms have better control. I don't have to put the mittens on her anymore because she stopped scratching her face. It cracks me up how you can tell she's about to start fussing. She starts making these little "eh" sounds and her arms start moving really fast. We call them crazy arms...I guess you have to see it to understand.
Products I'm loving this month
The bjorn has been a lifesaver. I wear it in the house and take it with me wherever we go. I'm able to accomplish a lot with it. For example, I'm wearing her right now as I'm writing this. :)
Another product I'm loving is chamomile tea. I've been drinking 1-2 cups a day and I like to think it's helped her with her stomach. I can't be for sure, but either way I find the tea so refreshing and relaxing.


  1. She is jus PERFECT! Sleeping through the night ... I bet you feel like a new woman

  2. she's so cute! lyla had the salmon patches in the same place too. we called them stork bites :) they were pretty much gone at a year. and yay for sleeping!! savio slept 9 hrs one night and i couldn't believe it!

  3. awwww little chub :) She is so presh. I love that blue bow!!!!

  4. She is such a pretty baby!! Love all of that hair:)

  5. She is precious! Has she lost any hair yet? That head still looks pretty thick to me-- poor Isaac lost almost all of his newborn hair with the exception of the little mullet he is sporting now.

    1. Thanks! No she hasn't lost any hair. I thought she would by now?