Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sometimes we wear blue..

I can't believe this little tulle skirt from Children's Place fits Mariam already! It's a 6-9 month and she's only 3 and a half months. It must run small. I mean she has outgrown her clothes quickly but she is still in some 3 month, though she has been wearing 6 month clothing too.

I love these shades of blue on the girls. Sometimes if we are going somewhere, I usually dress Layla and just coordinate Mariam a little to go with Layla's outfit. It's fun!


  1. She's sooooo cute!
    Just love her little face! (:

  2. I love the color coordination and mariam's little belly :)

  3. I loooove Mariam's headbands! I have a 4 month old little girl and am always on the look for cute headbands. Where did you find the lace ones??

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I make them. :) My website is and there is a link on my sidebar.