Monday, February 18, 2013

What happens when your mom cuts your hair

It comes out too short!

I also can't do too much with it. It's choppy and heavy at the bottom but I don't want to get it fixed because I refuse to lose anymore length. In fairness I've let her cut my hair a few times before and it's come out good. I'm really not too picky about a haircut because I always keep it long and I'm lucky in that I can get my hair to do what I want most of the time. However, I always get my hair colored professionally. 

It's probably a good thing that it's shorter than I'm used to right now because it's just been taking FOR-EVER to detangle and blow dry. Not too mention I've entered into that dreaded post partum hair loss stage. I'm shedding like crazy! I even found one of my hairs in Mariam's neck rolls the other day. Oops.

I want this hair back stat. I took this 2 and a half weeks after Mariam was born.

Here's a piece of advice for postpartum moms. Do not do anything drastic to your appearance the first few months after having a baby. In fact, don't change your appearance. You will go through many a hormonal rollcoaster and if it's cold outside, you'll probably be more pale than usual. If you are sleep deprived, you will probably have bigger under eye bags, or darker circles. Your stomach will be squishy and soft, and your complexion might be the worst it's ever been. In other words there will be times when you feel like a hot mess. I was feeling pretty good between 2-4 weeks postpartum but then my hormones took a nosedive and hurricane Mariam happened with her many tears and I am weathering this storm. As all things, this will pass and I know I'll come out better and stronger than ever.


  1. I think it's cute! I just cut my hair this weekend too, pics to come...

  2. I think it looks great but I know what you mean about losing several inches it always feels like more when you're used to having it so long!