Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Now with the summer coming to an end, a new season will be upon us soon and with that brings change. Back in July I mentioned that I couldn't wait to take our family vacation to relax and clear my head. I knew when I got back that I was going to start doing things differently in regards to the business so I could stop putting so much stress on myself and work smarter not harder. Slowly I've been implementing some change and last Saturday I took a big step and went to go visit a professional sewing shop in Texas to see about getting my products manufactured. I talked with the owner for about 2 hours and left excited and overwhelmed with information. We talked a great deal about my upcoming children's clothing line and he gave me some very helpful information. 

I know now that it won't be making it's debut this year like I had planned, but instead I will shoot for spring 2015. When I started this business in the fall of 2012 with just my 5 signature bib designs, my motto was "go big or go home." That's just what's worked for me. With the clothing line I'm not going to go the seamstress and myself route like I've been doing with my other products. I want to go straight with a manufacturer. While the investment might be scary I know I'll be saving myself a lot of headache going that route and it'll put me in route faster to also be able to offer that to retail stores. While the business has been a lot of hard work and sometimes tears I feel very blessed. I've learned so much and have gotten to get to know a lot of awesome companies and people.

I've taken charge of my future and the girl boss within me has really emerged. Recently Tinyprints sent over some cute stationery and wall decor, and I'm loving this custom notepad for my notes that I need to jot down for the business. I took it with me to my recent meeting with the manufacturer and it fit perfectly in my purse..

If you ever wondered where I got the name FHJ Baby from...well now you know. Have a great Wednesday.

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