Saturday, August 16, 2014

When mom is in town

I've been quiet this week because my mom has been here and it's been a pretty busy time with the girls and the business. She left on Thursday and I can't believe how fast 3 weeks went by! She was such a huge help with the girls and my business. During her stay we had a few outings, but mainly things were the same with our schedules because she had a lot to do while she was here, and things to buy to take back with her to South Africa. The day before she left though we went to the City Centre in Houston to shop and have lunch. They still have a lot of open retail spots so there's not a whole lot of shopping that one can do, but we still had fun.
Never mind these somewhat blurry cell phone pics and me looking like a hot mess. It was hot and I forgot my camera at home. I'm happy to have these memories though and I hope she comes back in November, otherwise I probably won't see her till next January.
Have a great weekend!

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