Monday, August 11, 2014

Big girl room update (Wallternatives Review)

Back when I was updating the nursery, I raved several times about Royal Design Studio Stencils. They are a great company with a great product, and I am still absolutely amazed at how stenciling one wall in the nursery transformed it into the gorgeous and unique nursery I always dreamed about!
This past May they launched a new sister company called Wallternatives™ in which they offer an artful alternative to ordinary walls. Their products include: Designer Vinyl Decals, WallPrints Fabric Decals, WallAppeal Removable Wallpaper, EtchLook, and ChalkTalk.
After I finished the nursery, (see Royal Design Studio Stencil Review here and the nursery final reveal here,) I moved onto Serena's room to redecorate. When I heard Royal Design Studio had launched Wallternatives, I knew I had to try out some vinyl decals after browsing at what they had to offer and falling in love with most of their patterns. I'm also not going to be doing any painting in her room so decals are a perfect alternative! Serena selected the stars vinyl pattern in metallic silver and Wallternatives was kind enough to send over a couple packs for us to try.
The day after we got them, we were eager to get started right away. I knew where I wanted to put them, but I wasn't sure what design to use. After conferring with Serena and my mom I made up my mind and started placing them on the sides of the biggest wall in the room. They are seriously so easy to put on and reposition if you need to. I did not have to prep the walls so all I had to do was peel off and stick, peel off and stick. So, so easy. When I work on a project I never really use precise measurements. I'm a bit impatient and I'm really good at picking things up and eyeballing things so I patterned the stars on one side of the wall and then just made the same on the other wall. I love the way the wall looks now! I'm probably going to switch out the clock for a big picture or print and I may change up the nightstand décor, but stay tuned for more fun updates with the rest of the room.
Have a great Monday!