Friday, June 26, 2015

Life Lately..

Gosh the last few weeks have been busy, mainly in regards to the business. So much going on and so much work that had to be done. back to back boutique orders, getting a new collection ready, etc. There have been days where I've had to start my work as soon as H gets home and keep at it stopping to make dinner or throw a load of laundry in the washer. Then I put the kids to bed and continue working till about midnight. H has been so supportive and tending to the kids when he gets home and giving me more time to focus on my work. I even had my mom fly in for a few days because my seamstress was on vacation. It's a lot and there are some days where I miss the slower days in the beginning but I'm so grateful for my growing business. I know a big part of my problem is letting go of some of the control, but it's just so hard to find good help. I've gone through plenty of seamstresses  and my current help is good, but there are still some quality control issues I'm having with her, that takes time away from my day having to fix. There is some other help I get and services I've utilized online so I'm grateful for that. In maternity accessory news, I cannot wait for them to be ready. It's taking awhile but it's a process. 

As far as family life, Serena is on summer break so I've had all three girls home and it's been fun when they aren't fighting and getting under my skin. Some days they screech and bicker in the morning before it's even 8:30 am! Ugh. It's also been so hot and taking them places while it's hot and I've got this big belly to lug around--well it makes it hard. We still get out a few times a week though for sweet treats, library days and shopping. Today we left the house early for Dunkin donuts and then went to the mall. I actually got lucky this time and found some things I love. I'm extremely picky so usually I find something for the girls and nothing for me. Our first stop was A Pea in the pod maternity and I found a white scoop neck maternity tank, then Nordstroms where I finally found a going home outfit for the baby. Yay! I've been on the hunt. I also bought a cute crochet hem swing top from the juniors section that is perfect for a growing bump. Bath & Body works is having another one of their huge clearance sales so we stocked up on some lotions and hand soaps.

In growing baby news, It's hard to believe I'll be entering the third trimester soon. I'm 27 weeks and 4 days today and things really feel like they go fast between the last half of the second trimester and part of the third and then they slow down around weeks 36 till you deliver. I told H awhile back that I wouldn't mind if we gestated like elephants and were pregnant for 22 months. Haha! I love being pregnant--for the most part. I have been a lot more uncomfortable and she loves pushing in my ribs but it's an amazing feeling to grow a child and feel her kicks and pokes.

Have a great weekend!

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