Thursday, December 6, 2018

Is it Friday yet?

Can I just say trying to get 4 kids out of the door Monday through Friday by 7:20 am really, really sucks. It does. Bedtimes do too. There I said it. Somebody had to say it. It had to be said. So over it. Ready for the weekend! 

I guess you can say Mariam makes it harder than it needs to be. She's not much of a morning person and she cries about various things. Layla is always my sweetie, but she's a bit of a turtle. Serena is 16 so she gets ready on her own of course, but for months she just ignores her alarm, and I have to go wake her. I usually carry Ava out of the house sleeping and strap her in the car seat. She wakes up as soon as she notices her beloved Christmas church song CD isn't playing, and screeches "Church songs!" at the top of her lungs. Good times. day it's not going to be so hard, and one day I'll have more time for myself and not be rushed in everything I do. I hate how this is really the best time of your life--when you're young, and you're kids are young and life is grand, but it's also so so hard. Why can't they just be easy when they are little? Haha.

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